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Nigerian Brand Directory

Minslayers is at the forefront of establishing the foremost, meticulously curated directory dedicated to showcasing Nigerian fashion and lifestyle brands of exceptional caliber. To showcase your brand within our prestigious directory, simply select the plan that aligns with your requirements.

Listed: This category serves as the foundational level of our directory. It provides a concise introduction and listing of your brand as a distinguished Nigerian entity.

Verified: Building upon the benefits of the Listed category, Verified goes the extra mile by not only listing your brand but also validating its authenticity. This verification includes showcasing images of your brand’s products. Please note that while Verified ensures brand legitimacy, it does not assess the quality of the products themselves.

Tested & Tried: Elevating your brand’s presence to the highest tier, Tested & Tried encompasses all the advantages of the Verified category. Additionally, it features in-depth reviews of your brand conducted by the Minslayers’ team and your valued customers. These comprehensive reviews are prominently displayed on our website and extensively promoted through our active social media channels, further enhancing your brand’s visibility and credibility in the market.

Select the category that best suits your brand’s aspirations, and let Minslayers help you shine in the Nigerian fashion and lifestyle scene.

Basic Listing In DirectoryEnhanced Listing In DirectoryPremium Listing In Directory
Name & Contact InformationDetailed Brand DescriptionComprehensive Brand Profile
Contact InformationMultiple Images
Multiple ImagesSocial Media Links
Verified Business StampCustomers Reviews & Ratings
Review on Website & Instagram
One YearUnlimitedUnlimited

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