Hello, fabulous MINslayers!

I’m absolutely thrilled to pen my first post on our brand-new website. It’s been quite the journey, transitioning from a humble Instagram page to a full-fledged platform dedicated to showcasing the incredible talent of Nigerian brands.

Back when I started our Instagram page a few years ago, my only aim was to shine a spotlight on those online treasures with mind-blowing designs. But as time went by, the dream kept growing, and it’s still evolving! I’ve had the privilege of connecting with incredible brand owners, collaborating with media professionals, and even playing a part in shaping Chimamanda Adichie’s wardrobe.

Remember when I spearheaded that campaign for a newly launched brand, and Chimamanda’s buyer reached out to the brand to snag one of their pieces? She not only wore it but also shared it on her page. Now that’s what I call a royal endorsement!

Picture from our campaign at Fashion week

Over the years, I’ve seen the incredible impact our platform has had, and it’s left me pondering some big questions. How can our Nigerian brands not just get noticed globally but also thrive financially, just like their international counterparts? What kind of conversations should we be having? Do we need to organize our own trade shows and events? These questions have been keeping me up at night.

This website is just the beginning, the first of many exciting steps. My hope is that it inspires you to proudly support and flaunt Nigerian brands, whether you’re right here at home or anywhere else in the world. What can you expect from us? Well, get ready for in-depth reviews, behind-the-scenes peeks with your favorite brands, a handpicked list of verified brands, a direct shopping portal, and some incredible events. We’re talking about events that empower brand owners with knowledge and fabulous shopping parties for all you fashion-savvy customers.

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