Minslayers “Outta the country’ – Vol 26

Outta the Country

Feel the pride and joy as we take you on a journey that warms our hearts – a journey where our homegrown Nigerian brands shine brilliantly “Beyond Our Borders.” It’s a heartwarming sensation when we spot these exceptional brands being embraced and celebrated on the global stage.

Join us in applauding these fashion enthusiasts who are effortlessly showcasing the beauty and craftsmanship of Nigerian fashion to the world.

Outfit 1: @tiffanymbattle in Top by @andreaiyamah & Pants by @imadeduso_
Outfit 2: @bissakins in @imadeduso_
Outfit 3: @kochaorah in @kkerele
Outfit 4: @omodarababs in @bankekuku
Outfit 5: @zainabbalogun in @imadeduso_
Outfit 6: @idia.aisien in @admprojects
Outfit 7: @nicoleasinugo in @emmykasbit
Outfit 8: @ebuka in @gblagos
Outfit 9: @ifedurosinmietti in @zivalagos

Spotted is a captivating series unveiling the fabulous Minslayers who effortlessly flaunt Nigerian fashion labels on the vibrant canvas of Instagram.

This series is not only designed to ignite your creativity but also to empower your fashion choices. Join us as we explore the world of Nigerian brands and the captivating style stories they unveil. Let their influence inspire your wardrobe choices and support the Nigerian fashion industry today.

If you’d like to be featured in upcoming issues, tag us with #Minslayer on Instagram, and don’t forget to let us know your favorite look in the comment section.

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Minslayers “Outta the country’ – Vol 26