Brain Behind the Brand – Serah Kasim

Motions through light

Today’s episode of Brain Behind Brand is on Serah Kassim, the visionary Founder and Chief Creative Director behind Serah Kassim Brand. This exceptional Afrocentric retail haven, proudly made in Nigeria, celebrates African textiles and empowers black women through its captivating clothing collections.

Beyond her fashion endeavors, Serah Kassim is a dedicated Kingdom Driven Entrepreneur, pouring her passion into the continuous growth and enhancement of her brand, with an unwavering commitment to becoming the continent’s preeminent Afrocentric retail powerhouse.

When she’s not crafting timeless fashion masterpieces, Serah Kassim indulges in her love for Kiss Daniel’s music and savoring delectable parfaits. With an impeccable sense of style, she effortlessly graces every occasion with stunning looks that leave us in awe!

Check her out below.

{All outfits in the video above are from @serahkassim}